Abreeza – Opening to the Public Today!

12 05 2011

At night, the name of Abreeza shines like a star.

Today is the day that a new breeze on Davao City’s landscape and development will be felt. Abreeza is opening TODAY, May 12, 2011. Yipee!

Before the opening, I have here some photos that show the preparations inside the Abreeza Ayala Mall.

Maybe you are wondering how it looks inside… I have here some teasers…

Play Area at the Abreeza's Atrium

At the left bottom part of this picture is the free play area of Abreeza Ayala Mall. However, you may see some tables and chairs, it’s not part of the play area. 🙂

A portrait of what's inside the mall.

Interiors at the Ceiling - Modern

These pictures are pictures inside the mall. You can see modern chandelier and most of the mall’s physique. Very refreshing to the eyes. Indeed, the name of the mall is worth the call – Abreeza.

Ready for the Opening Salvo!

So, the Abreeza Ayala Mall will be opening today. The entire atrium is ready to welcome guests for the opening salvo with a Eucharistic celebration and feast to invited guests that is set to be starting at 11 AM, May 12, 2011. Some tenants are also preparing their own cocktails to gear the opening of the mall.

This is it! The Abreeza Ayala Mall will help drive Davao City’s economy. It will truly be a business center in the city.

Kudos to Abreeza!



4 responses

12 05 2011


ayalang-ayala ang dating hahahaha

im assuming maraming employment opportunities yan for the davaoenos..

15 05 2011

yep… super raming employment opportunities talaga ms yanah… the fact na isang phase pa lang ang mall and 2 or 3 more to go… super dami talaga… it can really help drive more the progressive city of davao. kudos!

12 05 2011

good to know. I’ll be coming back to davao pretto soon. muoli usa ko sa akong yutang natawhan. I’d like to visit there too. where it is exactly located?

15 05 2011

hi alohagems. 🙂 that will be great! visiting your birth land. 🙂 hmmm… it’s located at Along J. P. Laurel Avenue, Bajada – in front of the Redemptorist Church

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