Celebrating Rizal’s 150th Birthday

19 06 2011

June 19 is the birthday of Rizal – he is the national hero of the Philippines. 🙂

Wearing a Jose Rizal shirt

In line with this celebration, my Jose Rizal shirt is worn again… Happy 150th birthday NATIONAL HERO…

We should always remember his braveness for our country. He is a very good example of silent revolution during the Spanish colonial time of our history.

Anyways, let’s move forward…

Here in Davao City, there is a small exhibit that Mr. Rene Adapon spearheaded at Manila Bulletin Corporation Inc. building at Rizal St., Davao City that shows some memorabilia that relates to Rizal. He has a collection of old coins and stamps where Rizal was showcased.

Aside from remembering Rizal, the other Philippine heroes are also showcased. It was indeed a very good venue in remembering our history. It should not be forgotten. It’s good that Mr. Rene Adapon is so generous to share his collections to the people for free. It is because the exhibit is having a free admission. It started June 11-20, 2011. So, to all Dabawenyo who haven’t visited the exhibit, visit NOW! 🙂

Sample of Rizal inspired coins and cover letters

Inside the exhibit, this is only one of the few things that you can see there. Have a pleasant viewing at the exhibit room. It is located at Rizal St., Davao City.




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