The Scenes of Kadayawan 2011 – Part 1

23 08 2011

Kadayawan Schedule

The city is in a festive mood during the Kadayawan. A lot of attractions are made and several roads are closed to allow street parties and other activities for the Kadayawan Festival.

Roxas Avenue for Hudyakaan

This photo above is the morning shot of the hudyakaan along Roxas Avenue for a street party and all night long ukay2x.

Kadayawan Fest at MTS (Matina Town Square)

This photo above shows the night party at Matina Town Square (MTS). In line with the Kadayawan Festival, a lot of domestic and foreign tourists flock the vicinity with so much festive atmosphere. Cheers!

Kadayawan Bazaar

Then, there are a lot of bazaar in the city. Branded second-hand clothings at an affordable prices. Shopping spirit is here!

Fire Dancing at the Apo View

Fire dancing at the Apo View is also observed by the domestic and foreign visitors of the hotel. It was like a beach party yet, it’s only at the garden of the hotel. Very festive along with tribal music. 🙂

These are only few of the festival’s offering as it goes on a week-long celebration.




6 responses

23 08 2011
RM Bulseco

Wow may part 2 pa to Junjunjoyforlong? :))

24 08 2011

hahaha… opo, there’s a second part… 🙂 naks 🙂

23 08 2011

nice post cj….

24 08 2011

second part is up. 🙂 thanks anciro. 🙂

24 08 2011

nice post bro… we should promote our “Davao City”… with heads held up high… thanks for adding me in your list… appreciate it much… Yahweh bless

25 08 2011

thanks sir ralph. 🙂 hope you’ll link me in to yours as well. 🙂

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