Statue of David in Davao City

11 09 2011

Controversial Standing Statue of David in Davao City

Inscribed at the statue’s pedestal:

DAVID. The Statue is a replica of David, sculpted by Michelangelo Buonarroti in 1501. It is one of his two greatest priceless masterpieces. An Italian sculptor and paitner – one of the greatest the world has ever produced. The statue is set on the hilltop of Firenze (Florence), Italy overlooking the city.

Full size replicas of the statue around the world are found in:

> London’s Victoria and Albert Museum,
A centerpiece of a shopping mall is Surfer’s Paradise.
> Queensland, Brisbane, Australia,
> The Appian Way Shops at Ceasar’s Palace in Las Vegas,
> And our beloved DAVAO CITY is listed in the internet as one of the prestigious places.

This is now a gigantic landmark in the city which was controversial. Situated at the times beach sea wall, near the Queensland lodge, David stands still. Whenever you visit Davao City, include in your itinerary a glimpse of this replica, work of art, without malice… lol

Have fun!




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11 09 2011
Phillip Milay Barroso

nice one cj. i wonder how big is that…hehe

12 09 2011

hahahha.. .when you visit Davao, try to measure it hahahha

12 09 2011
Rodel Jaboli


12 09 2011

ayun, natawa lang, hahahhaa.. what does it mean?

11 09 2011

Ah.. eto yung sinasabi ni Tolits last time.. the controversial statue near the Queensland lodge. 😛 Pupuntahan dapat namin to last time, kaso hindi rin kami natuloy..

Hmm.. I see a naked guy most of the time.. Malapit lang kasi kami sa UPV oblation statue. Keri ko to. Hahahaha!! LOL..

11 09 2011

isama na to sa itinerary!!! hehehe

11 09 2011
mervz |

i regret not seeing it when I was in Davao last February… 🙂

12 09 2011

come back here in Davao City to see it 🙂 @mervz

11 09 2011

Pupunta ako dito if maligaw ako sa Davao…hehe. Thanks po sa pagpost.

12 09 2011

welcome. 🙂 kelan ka maliligaw sa Davao? hehehhee

11 09 2011

How come that this became controversial? Is that on what I see?

12 09 2011

It has become controversial because of the thing you see and its location, near a lodge. malicious minds create the controversy. but if it’s the work of art that we see, people will appreciate it more. but i guess, most people are seeing the other way… 🙂 hahahhaha

12 09 2011

@leah… hahahhaa… yeah, you can carry it well.. hehhehehe… but the Statue of David is bigger compare to the oblation statue of UP. 🙂

12 09 2011

@kuya bino, yeah, included in the itinerary hehehehe. 🙂 aside from the Statue of David, there’s a statue of a famous little mermaid with inscription as well. 🙂

29 12 2012

i love the place, it is refreshing…..

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