South Davao: Passig Islet

22 09 2011

The latest development in South Davao is the Passig Agro-Eco Park. 🙂

South Davao's Agro-Eco Park Project

The photo above is the expected outcome of this project. That’s the entrance bill board that you have to watch for going to the passig islet. It’s located at Brgy. Bato of Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur.

What should we expect to see at the park? Here are some photos I took to show you the beautifully developed area of mangrove trees…

A welcome souvenir shop of Passig yet with a spectacular background of bushy Mangrove Trees

To Passig Islet Footbridge Surrounded with Mangrove Trees – Awesome, Refreshing!

Passig Islet View from Brgy. Bato, Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur

Together with this adventure are some PTB Bagets: Doi, Edcel, and Sheena (at the picture below), and Jerome and Ella (after the photo below… lol).

Doi, Ed and Sheena - PTB Bagets at Passig

Jerome and Ella - PTB Bagets at Passig

Since Passig is an islet, there’s a 360 degrees view that you can capture. 🙂 During the time we visit, it is low tide, so there’s the chance that we are able to walk through the sea and capture some beach and sea icons such as the following:

Young Coconut Trees at the Islet

Mini Starfish at Passig

Big Starfish at Passig

Floating Cottages

Open Cottages at Passig

Passig Islet is truly another white sand, though not very fine sand, offering of South Davao. People can enjoy a relaxing sound of the waves, view of the sea, view of the mangrove trees, the white sand, people playing beach volley, people bathing and eating. 🙂

There’s an entrance fee in the park and rentals on the cottages, either closed (large with room for P500) or open (mini for P150, small for P200, and medium for P 250). You can bring in food and beverages, and better bring a lot because there are no food counters in the islet. 🙂

That’s for the Passig Islet of Sta. Cruz, South Davao.

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22 responses

22 09 2011

Ang ganda! Hindi pa ako nakakaabot sa part na yan ever 0_0

22 09 2011

yeah, very much… 🙂 punta ka ulit sa davao. explore the region. 🙂

15 02 2012
Marie Elizabeth Nicole V. Baguios

hehehe nice masyado ate :))) parang little bora …

18 02 2012

it’s also in sta. maria. 🙂 di po ako ate… hahahahha

22 09 2011

ganda naman sana sakin magawan ko na maayos

22 09 2011

kaya mo yan… 🙂

24 09 2011

aha may bago ka palang post!

gusto ko makapunta dyan. now na!

4 10 2011

wahahahha… ikaw na talaga… soon, mapupuntahan mo rin yan… 🙂

25 09 2011

Wow, nice place indeed… =)

4 10 2011

yep, very nice place. 🙂 clear waters. 🙂

3 10 2011

Super nice place! Hope to visit that one of this days… Thanks for sharing CJ…Met you at the Geek Up!

4 10 2011

thanks for passing here rovie. 🙂 yeah… visit there one of these days. 🙂

5 11 2011

sinong nagsasabing hindi maganda ang pilipinas…daming hidden paradise..thank you for opening my eyes to the other side of P.I.

7 11 2011

yes, there are a lot of places undiscovered in this part of the country 🙂

29 03 2012
mary grace vares

how much?

29 03 2012

hi ms grace… papunta po dun, from Davao City Overland and Transport Terminal sa Ecoland, sakay po kayo ng bus na daraan at titigil sa Brgy Bato that will cost you 80 pesos. Then there’s an entrance fee of 20 pesos in the park and rentals on the cottages, either closed (large with room for P500) or open (mini for P150, small for P200, and medium for P 250) and pay to the boat going to the island that depends on the number of passengers. Most of the time, 20pesos per pax

You can bring in food and beverages, and better bring a lot because there are no food counters in the islet. 🙂

9 05 2012
Sharon Faith Lanticse

may contact # ba kau para makapagpabook ng overnight cottage? thanks alot! Godbless

10 05 2012

hi sharon. 🙂 i did not get their contact number for reservation, did not notice any numbers. we went there even without knowing where it really was. 🙂

26 05 2012
genalyn labasan

safe ba xa pag mag overnyt?

26 05 2012

yep, safe naman mag overnight dun. mahangin, malamig. 🙂

11 01 2013

so deresto nlng mag punta dun kahit walang reservation??hindi naba kailangan mag paalam sa dstrict office sa digos para mag overnight??

12 01 2013

Hi jahzeel, yep pwede na diretso. It is not part of digos but of sta cruz.there are personnel sa entrance na siyang assign para malog ang mga tourists. 🙂

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