Food Tasting at The Royale House

9 10 2011

For a traveler, anywhere he goes, he needs an accommodation. Aside from the accommodation, he needs good food.

Good thing!!! The Royale House offers an accommodation located at the heart of the city at a low price yet of high quality service. Aside from the accommodation, they do offer don buri dishes at an affordable price that amounts to 70-80 pesos only. Sulit diba!

credits: the Royale House business card

There are 20 don buri dishes to choose from the menu and tasted first by some Davao bloggers, including this author. By the way, don buri is commonly known as rice toppings and the Royale House’s preparation has some cucumber with spices. 🙂  The tasting happened at the One10 FM of the Royale House. It is where you can hear good music while enjoying good food. 🙂 Anyways, there are 20 don buri dishes prepared for the tasting and 13/20 are tasted by the Davao bloggers. I have here my 5 top pick and 3 for improvement don buri dishes of the Royale House.


1.) Teriyaki don buri dishes (chicken, beef and pork). – Since it almost has the same appearance – I put these as one – delicioso.

Terriyaki Appearance

2.) Lengua Estufado – I love the taste and texture of the lengua as well as the blend with the spices.

Lengua Estufado

3.) Burger Steak – Perfectly yummy!

Burger Steak

4.) Picadillo – One of my favorites!


5.) Cream Dory with Mushroom – I love the texture of Cream Dory, perfectly cooked and the spices blend well.

Cream dory with Mushroom

FOR IMPROVEMENT (based on my own taste)

1.) Beef Shawarma – I love shawarma yet this don buri dish has a very strong shawarma after taste and the spices become like parsley. I hope the shawarma taste and the spices will compliment.

Beef Shawarma

2.) Kalderetang Kambing – I thought it’s not kaldereta. The color is pale and the the taste is not kaldereta.

Kalderetang Kambing

3.) Dory Teriyaki – I think this is salty. I love teriyaki but this one doesn’t agree with my taste of dory.

Dory Teriyaki

There you go, I believe that each and every one of us has his own taste. Yet, talking about food, everything starts from not that good to very good. It is a matter of improvement.

It is such a tasty night!

If you are a guest or tourist of this city, grab the chance to be at the Royale House. Enjoy its accommodation and food!




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