Philippine Eagle Foundation at the Abreeza

12 12 2011

Preserved Philippine Eagle - Diola

The Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) is at the Abreeza Mall to celebrate the International Volunteer’s Day for the protection of our eagles.

There are volunteers who are sharing their experiences when volunteering with the PEF and others are recruiting for new volunteers to be part of their advocacy. It is such a noble act to help the preservation of our forests to maintain the habitat of our national bird and make known to the people that Philippine Eagles do exist through the display of live birds during the event.

The Philippine Eagle Center located at Calinan, Davao City is open to the public with an entrance fee of P30 to children and P50 to adults.

Souvenir Items

There are some souvenir items that can be purchased at the event. Some of its proceeds will be shared to the foundation. Examples of their souvenir items are t-shirts that amounts P170-P225, button pins at P50, post cards at P20-P30, and tumblers at P250.



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