Giggling at Ice Giants!

7 01 2012

Giant Club Sandwiches

Food is the language of the hungry, and we can’t deny that fact. 🙂 Here’s a yummy treat from the City of Davao. It’s only here where you will meet ICE GIANTS. 🙂

Have a giant club sandwich and your hunger will surely be swept aside. Then partner it with the Ice Giants that come in 3 varieties! This one below is the chocolicious, mouthwatering – CHOCOLATE TITANS!

Ice Giants - Chocolate Titans!

Take a photo with it and challenge yourself with the gigantic dessert. 🙂 SCOOP! 🙂

Treat yourself with your friends or your family at the Ice Giants that has 3 branches now in the city. 🙂 The original branch at Damosa Gateway, then at Sta. Ana Avenue, and the newest branch at Quimpo Boulevard. 🙂

Giant Snacks!

Enjoy the yummy treats, you still have more choices to dine in. 🙂

It’s fun to be in Davao!





8 responses

9 01 2012

wow! rapsa! chocolate titans grabe ang sarap nyan! mahilig ako sa matatamis na food kaya kasing laki na ako ng refrigerator hahaha! eh anong magagawa diba kung masarap sila!

13 01 2012

lels… 🙂 uu nga, chocolate titans is one of the best desserts in town. 🙂 will post one burger that’s best in town as well 🙂

14 01 2012

Yes, that looks really delicious. Sa Davao pala ito.

14 01 2012

Thanks for visiting my site will 🙂 yes, it looks delicious yet more delicious when tasted. 🙂

2 04 2012

hm nmn ung choc. titans? tnx po

6 04 2012

ano yung tanong? hehehheh. 🙂

6 05 2012

isa lang masasabi ko! improving ang camera ni CJ! haha! sarap naman nyan!~

7 05 2012

wahahahha… iisa lang ang camera ko kuya boni… hahhaha… yun pa ring point and shoot hahahha. 🙂 kunting edit lang sa adobe hahahha

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