Peace and Order Program in Davao City

6 05 2012

CCTV cameras around Davao City

This looks like an ordinary scene in Davao City. I am not promoting a mall here but I want you to see something from this area.


Did you see that pole with a sodium light? Did you see the thing above that?


One will not be able to notice it clearly, but it is something that Davao City has to monitor the traffic and observe the peace and order, even situations during a calamity in the city. It is what the city boasts, one of the city’s equipment for its safety, communication and command center.


These cameras are able to rotate 360 degrees and can zoom 52x. It is installed in many corners of the city especially those with traffic lights.


Closer look of the Cameras

So here’s a closer look. πŸ™‚ Well, you are safe in Davao City. Certain eyes are there for everybody’s safety and to discipline abusive motorists that causes road accidents.

Have a pleasant stay in Davao City!





4 responses

6 05 2012
iyah (@iyakhin)

ipromote talaga ang davao!! hehehe

7 05 2012

hahahah… syempre, one of the best in the world naman ang davao city kaya gandang ipromote heheheh

7 05 2012

ay may big brother sa taas! hehe!

7 05 2012

hahahha… mata ni big brother lang andun kuya boni πŸ™‚

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