Davao City’s Black Taxi

31 08 2012

Davao City is indeed a bustling city in the southern part of the Philippines. Some businessmen are putting innovation to the transportation system in the city, especially with the taxis. Visiting Davao City, you will see the first and only taxi in the Philippines that you can pay through credit card or debit card. Amazing!

Where you cards will be swiped

It has been a trend in the national television as the city proudly presents its taxi that accepts payment cash-free and with GPS. It is not owned by the city government but it is something that the city is proud of.

The Black Taxi

What are the features of this taxi? 1) It accepts payments through credit card or debit card to avoid hassle for the passengers to stop on a nearby ATM to get cash; 2) It has a GPS that the owner can monitor its units; 3) It doesn’t use a radio to dispatch incoming passengers, but it has a monitor inside that has a touch technology to accept or decline passengers; 4) It has magazines to entertain the passengers while on board; and 5) It is a tourism tool inspired from the British taxis.

One of the drivers told me that after the taxi been broadcasted on the national television, many were asking inquiries how the company installed such technology. It is really something that will lure more tourists in the city. Only in Davao City!

Taxi driver with the monitor at his left side



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