The Hater!

21 01 2013

I don’t know for what reason this hater made such comments… Yes, Davao City boasted as a typhoon-free area, and for so many decades, it was only last year that the impact of a super typhoon affected many areas of DAVAO ORIENTAL and COMPOSTELA which are part of the DAVAO REGION. DAVAO CITY was placed under a typhoon signal but it lasted only for 2 hours with isolated cases of few damages. With what happened last year, where the damages among affected provinces are still visible, more preparedness on natural calamities are planned to counteract future effects of it. It is a rare event that made a history on the province.

The city is not flood-free (who told him that it is flood-free?) especially during heavy rains that almost lasted 24 hours… (I just don’t know if Guinness has a record on this…) Even equipped with world class rescue facilities, flood will still visit the city. Drainages are being improved but aside from the heavy rains, rainfall also pour during night time which is also during high tides, so the release of water has been slowed down that adds up to the flood.

I hope such comments from Alexander Cablao find rational grounds.




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21 01 2013
John Ramos

People of Davao, I would like you to remember the face of this guy, if he happens to come to Davao, batuhin natin siya ng Durian.

21 01 2013

DDS him!

21 01 2013
Ely Labja

Our Dabawenyo group in Chicagoland, Illinois are always joining hands and together helping disasters areas. We even sent help to Haiti.Just recently, we sent $1000 to Comval Province and another $1000 to Baganga to help our typhoon Pablo victims
This alexander cablao is challenging us Davaoenoes hence your whereabout is now being look after by these very mad Dabawenyos. Be very careful now because everybody are mad, mad, mad at you. Lintik lang daw and walang ganti.

24 01 2013

thank you for visiting my page… the comment is a really bad comment that burst anger to fellow Davaoenos. Unfortunately, the comment is done by an anonymous. The identity is just borrowed. Who could have done that comment is nowhere to be found. That is what is unfortunate of this. 😦

21 01 2013


24 01 2013

yes, the cyber crime will be tested, but an innocent will be affected with this especially that the identity is just borrowed.

22 01 2013

Hmmm. He should experience what my kababayan’s have experienced there in Davao. A bit of drowning too could be perfect. Haha.

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